Operation Shanti


Little is known about this operation. No Indian commissions had a mandate to investigate this allegation. This is one of the reasons why an UN investigation is so important.

Dr. Sangat Singh, very senior member of the armed forces of India, wrote in his book ‘The Sikhs in History’ that Indira Gandhi planned a wide scale attack on Sikhs across India called Operation Shanti. It was dated for November 8th 1984, the 8th being the day Sikhs would be congregating at gurdwaras across India to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Jis birth day.

Dr. Sangat Singh served as Joined Ministry of External Affairs (1960s), Joined Joint Intelligence Committee (1970s), Director at Strategic Studies in India’s Defense Ministry. It is clear that Dr. Singh would have access to this information, if indeed it is true.

operation shantiMany details regarding this operation are still unknown. We may never truly know the extent to which it was planned and prepared. Hopefully an UN lead independent investigation into the Sikh Genocide will reveal more information.